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The 2010 NBBA Beep Baseball World Series Championship game was held on August 7, 2010 in Rochester Minnesota.  This was a rematch between the West Coast Dawgs and Taiwan Homerun.


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Robert J Sawyer, Author, on The Guerra show, May 16, 2010
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Scott Brick, Audio Book Narrator and a Great Voice, on The Guerra Show, May 9, 2010
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Curtis Chong, when he speaks lets all listen, on The Guerra Show May 2, 2010


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Tom Sullivan, Actor, Speaker, Motivational Guide, Husband and Dad on The Guerra Show, April 25, 2010
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Jessie Lorenz, Advocacy, can it help you?  Sunday April 18, 2010 on The Guerra Show
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The Guerra Show Ramblings, April 11, 2010
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Scott Moore from Ai Squared on The Guerra Show, March 14, 2010
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Mike Calvo and Ricky Enger from Serotek on The Guerra Show, March 7, 2010
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Bill Sparks and Jeff Bennett from the AllThingsRadio Podcast on the Guerra Show, Feb. 28, 2010
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Oratio for making the Blackberry Accessible and Michele Pepin from Humanware, on The Guerra Show, February 7, 2010
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Craig Kiser, Mountain Climber, on The Guerra Show, January 24, 2010
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The Accessible Devices Team, Parker, Terry, Randy and Bill on The Guerra Show, January 17, 2010
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Pratik Patel on The Guerra Show, January 3, 2010
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Santa Clause on The Guerra Show, December 20, 2009

Santa takes time out of his busy schedule to be a guest and take calls from children just before Christmas. 


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Raul Gallegos from GW Micro on The Guerra Show, December 6, 2009
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NBBA World Series Final, West Coast Dawgs vs Taiwan Homerun, Stockton California, 2009 n
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NBBA Board Teleconference Call November 07, 2009
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Denise from SpeakToMeCatalog and Michael from Independent Living Aids on The Guerra Show, November 22, 2009



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Holiday Gift ideas from Michael McCarty from APH and J.J. from, Guerra Show, November 15, 2009

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Dr. Robert carter and Debbie Hazelton discuss Etiquette and good manors, do you have them, November, 8 2009

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The Guerra Show for November 1, 2009 All Inclusive


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Liam Erven and playing video games no matter what, October 25, 2009


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Jeff Pledger discusses the HTC Ozone with Talks available from VZW and good manors and etiquette for all, Sept. 27, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009, The Guerra Show welcomes back Jeff Pledger to discuss the HTC Ozone with Talks available from Verizon Wireless.

The Phone is only able to be purchased from the Verizon Wireless web site, and you must obtain a data plan when using this PDA Phone.

For more information and to visit the web site, please visit:

href="">HTC Ozone available from Verizon Wireless</a><br>

Jeff highlights the phone and its capabilities.  More information regarding power management, a search engine you can use on your HTC or Q9C phones, and a media player where you can listen to your favorite internet radio shows or podcasts will follw and you will be able to find them on:

We also discuss etiquette for all but we highlight when it relates to those who are visually impaired or totally blind.  A full show will be dedicated to this topic as we ran out of time to discuss it fully.


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Who is the mystery guest on The Guerra Show, September 20, 2009

Sunday, September 20, Darrell Shandrow was my guest.  We discussed exactly what he and the

are doing and are all about.

Darrell is a plaintiff in the litigation of the NFB, ACB and Darrell against Arrizona State and the use of the Amazon Kindel.  The Kindel accessibility is what is being questioned.

Tune in and enjoy.


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Health Care, Speech to Students, Accessible Blackburys and Accessible Phones

Sunday, Sept. 13, The Guerra Show took to the airwaves and spoke about several topics.

Health Care reform;

Steve Bauer shared with us all about;

I reviewed this resource and found it useful and will certainly listen and enjoy it and share with you my findings.

We also spoke how the President's speech to the school children was more of a reminder of good old fashion values that should have been taught at home by parents.

We also spoke about Accessible cell phones and how Verizon Wireless fails most times to think outside the box on delivering information on using its backup assistant.  Also, we spoke about Humanwares Orator for use with the Blackbury.

Being introduced in late October or early November, the Blackbury Tour 9630 on CDMA networks and Blackbury Curve 8520 on GSM networks.

Will wait and see how good it will turn out to be.

In rememberance of Sept. 11 2001, when the United States changed, we opened the show with Lee Greenwoods "Proud to be an American" and end the show with an acapela version of "God Bless America" sung at Yankee stadium after the day which will live on in everyone's mind as a day of trageddy.

Please remember to think of those who gave of themselves on that infamous day and understand, what we stand for is our freedom which sometimes we take for granted.


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The Best of The Guerra show on Labour Day 2009

The Guerra Show is taking the Labour Day weekend off, but is running a Best of the Guerra Show.

In this show, we run the segment with dave Wilkinson from HumanWare and Greg Fields from Research in Motion, (RIM) about the upcoming Accessible Blackbury.  We also run a segment with Glenn Poveromo from the "Power of Visualization."

See how positive thinking can benefit you each day of your life.


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Traveling; is it worth your dollars you spend?

Travel, is it worth the dollars your spending?

The Guerra Show on Sunday, August, 23, we discussed the woes of the travel industry.  As an individual who has used Guide Dogs and a cane, for just for anyone, the Airlines have basicly handed us exactly how we are going to be treated without any concern being raised by us.  Listen in and lets review what we must do as consumers to strengthen how we are treated.


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Back to School; are you ready? Special Guest James Hughes

Back to school; are you ready?

This show explores the different things you should know as you prepare for the upcoming school year.  Jim Hughes as a teacher will lend insight for students and parents as how you can prepare for the school year.


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Windows vs Mac; What is your choice?
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Darcy and Holly and all things Mac
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Scott White and the NFB Newsline, John McCan and Bob Kurtz


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John McCan the winner of the ILA Mini Cane
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Bob Kurtzand the Denver Beep Ball Group
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Matthew Sapolin from the new York City Mayor's Office


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Its All About Sports live remote from Houston


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Mark Wetzel, blindGuyHitting Instructor on The guerra Show, May 10, 2009

Mark Wetzel, from:

was our guest and what an amazing talent mark Has.  Mark, seeing out of the corner of his eye, captures the motions of the batter to determine exactly what the batter is doing wrong.  Fiction or Fact?

According to Tony Gwinn, a close friend of Mark, no.

So, listen to this great interview and the piece we have with Glenn Paveromo on simple thoughts about Life and Living.  Check out Glenn's web site at:

Remember, if you have trouble with any of these links, visit The web ssite at:

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Glenn Poveromo, Simple Thoughts About Life and Living
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Stephen guerra from the guerra Show on the SeroTalk Podcast

Stephen guerra from The Guerra Show,

Takes part in the SeroTalk Podcast and joins in the effert of cross promoting Podcasts that make a difference.


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Michael Lauf from Serotek on the Guerra Show, April 26, 2009


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The Guerra show for April 19, 2009

The Guerra Show for April 19, is just a show that is all over the place and full of my opinions and comments.

First, we speak about the little boy in Spring Field Mass who hangs himself because of bullies.  Who is to blame, ()the school?) Yes, absolutely.

We also speak about bill Boules Friday morning Podcast,

Bill Sparks new podcast, All things Radio podcast:

Last but not least, the Blind Mice Mart web site and Dale Campbell.

This plus a lot of other things and your calls fill this hour.

the guerra Show is sponsored by:

Independent Living aids:

Follow Independent Living Aids on Twitter at:


also by the national Beep Baseball Association:

Check The Guerra Show out live each week on Sunday nights on ACBRadio mainstream at:


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Jeff Dunn from Guiding eyes, march 29, 2009, on the Guerra Show

Jeff dunn, from guiding eyes was my guest on the guerra Show.  We spoke about guide Dogs and Jeff's background and his work in the technology lab at Guiding eyes.

guiding eyes Web Site:

to reach Jeff at guiding Eyes:

Jeff Dunn
Assistive technology Specialist

Call: (800) 942-0149
Email at:

to join and learn about the Email list Jeff mentioned on air:

List Description:
The Juno List (Juno-l) is a forum for Guide Dog users and Puppy Raisers to discuss all things about Guide Dogs.
Founded in 1994 by Graduates of Guiding Eyes for the Blind, we have grown to over 150 members. Throughout the years we all have shared the knowledge, joy, pain, and prosperous moments we have experienced with these special Canines.


Please be advised that should you have urgent matters pertaining to the health and or quality of work of your Guide Dog, you should contact your School training department as soon as possible. Training staff will be able to offer professional support.
This list is  open only to Guide Dog Users who have graduated from an accredited guide dog school.

You can only subscribe via the web by visiting:

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Brad Hodges from AFB, March 22, 2009 on the Guerra Show

Brad Hodges, from the American foundation for the Blindwas my guest on March 22, 2009.

Links to all the web sites from AFB mentioned on air can be found by visiting:

"Links of interest."

Brad gave us his background and about who he is and we reviewed CSUN 2009.

Tune in and listen to this show and enjoy.


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Talks on the Verizon wireless Motorola Q9C


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J.J. from BlindBargains on The Guerra show, March 8, 2009

J.J. Meddaugh is the guest on the Guerra Show, March 8, 2009.

Ok, so your graduated college and looking for work, but to fill your time, youand your friend Matt create:

and recently:

You find out all about J.J. and his views and a surprise announcement about the New Verizon Wireless phone that will be released on March 15.

Listen in and enjoy.


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Neal Ewers, March 1, 2009 on

On "The Guerra Show, March 1, 2009, my Neal Ewers, a gentlemen that has a world of knowledge and wisdom that all could benefit from.

The show opens with a song from Tonic Sol-fa, a four men acapela group.  Check out their web site at:

I play for you first a musical selection from Neal Ewers, and then a piece, "In the well."

This piece in Neal's words, "describes me better then I can."

We end the show with another musical piece by Neal which I am sure you will all love.

To visit Neal's web site, go to:

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Steve Stefanowicz, Singer, Guitarist on

Steve stefanowicz a brilliant singer and blues guitarist is the guest on the Guerra show and what a treat you are in for.

Playing a few selections, a classic, a blues version of another great favorite and an original, and man, do I want to go out and learn how to play guitar.

Check out all the info about Steve at:

Send him email at:


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Jeff Pledger from Verizon on

Jeff Pledger from Verizon, is the guest on "The guerra Show" for February 15, 2009.

Jeff in addition to being part of DIAL, and President of ERG which are two organizations within Verizon for the disabled, he brings his brilliance to the Database team of Verizon.

Announceing both the Verizon voice/Data phone being released at the end of the first quarter of 2009and a Voice based phone in April of 2009, which will give users access to all the features on the phone through a screen reading technology, and the conversion of Verizon Wireless from the CDMA platform to the Elt Platform, which Jeff during the show simplified as the GSM network that other carriers use, on steroids.

Listen in and enjoy all that Jeff shares and if you would like to make contact with the Verizon Call centers for the disabled, you can call:

 (866) 974-6006 

If you would like to have Jeff review your resume for a career opportunity at Verizon, send your resume to:

Visit the web site for "The Guerra Show at:


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The big R, Randy Rusnak on

ON the premier of "The Guerra Show" we have "The Big R" Ranndy Rusnak.

A friend, and colleague in the AT Industry, Randy has a worth of knowledge for all to benefit from.

Find out his first computer, and much, much more.

Randy is a major contributor to:

Check out all his great tutorials that he has available their.

Randy is a host also of:

As always, visit:

for info regarding the show and upcoming guests, and all my Twitter postings.


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Carol Agler and Dan Kelley and the OOhio State School for the Blind Marching Band on their way to the 2010 Rose Bowl Parade on

Carol Agler and Dan Kelley are the co-directorsof the Ohio State School for the Blind marching Band.  They first started this program to play for a deaf football team, they now have landed themselves a spot in the 2010 Rose Bowl Parade.  Listen how the joy and pride comes out in both Carol and Dan as they prepare the students of OSSB for the longest and largest performing stage in their life times.


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Glenn Poveromo, April 24, 2008, the Power of Visualization, on Its All About Sports

Glenn Poveromo, Power of Visualization and Positive Thoughts is my guest on the show and he describes how you can take "POV" and incorporate it in to your daily lives no matter athletic, or anything else.  Listen in and learn and make your thoughts more positive today.

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Dan Rossi, Sky Diver, April 15, 2008 on Its All About Sports

Dan Rossi, my guest on this show is all of the following:

Childhood friend, outdoorsman, employed by Carnegie Melon University Computer Services Dept. as a Database Admin, married to a beautiful woman, Teresa, and as far as I can tell, are a great couple.

Dan discusses so much with us and tell's us about his sky diving expperiences and as a totally blind person, how he makes his life successful.

I prior to the show, found Dan via a show called:

"BlindLikeMe" hosted by the great person with the great voice, Phil Parr, and after Dan and I connected, our friendship grew again from previous years.

enjoy the show.


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Kelly Becker Promo on Its All About Sports

Kelly Becker Promo on Its All About Sports

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Kelly Becker, Gold Medal swimmer, 2008 Paralympic games, November 13, 2008 on Its All About Sport

Kelly Becker, a graduating high school Senior, on her way to college in the fall of 2009, and now a Gold medal swimmer from the 2008 Paralympic games.

Kelly was wonderful to speak to and shared her knowledge as an elite athlete of the United States Association for Blind Athletes.

Kelly was the only visually impaired athlete on the U.S. Women's swim team, and it is clear that this is not her only Gold medal as I am sure their are many more to come in future olympics.

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Don Robinson, Coach of the West Coast Dawgs, 2008 Beep Baseball World Series Champs, December 11, 2008 on Its All About Sports

Don Robinson, coahc of the 2008 national Beep baseball Association World Series Champs, the West Coast Dawgs.

Don has a wonderful long career in Beep Baseball, and he shares with us during the interview about what has allowed him to remain in the sport for so long.

Don also shares with us about the wondrful para-transit system in San Francisco, his home town.

This plus recaps of sports going on during the week of December 8th 2008.


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U.S. Women's Goalball team on the road to Gold in Beijing, at the 2008 Paralympics, July 17, 2008, on Its All About Sports

Are they nervous?


Are they as physically prepared as needed to take on the best seven teams in the World?


The U.S. Women’s Goalball team representing not only the United states, but the United states Association Blind Athletes:


Join me as Ken Armbruster, his coaching staff, the entire Women’s Goalball team, John Pots Team Lead and Marc Lucas Executive Director of USABA share with me all that most do not know about this spectacular team.


It is entirely my honor to speak with these individuals and accomplished athletes as they take time out of their hectic schedules to discuss all that they do to prepare for the all time elite athletic event in any athletes life.


Find out why these women are the best at what they do and why they represent the best not only in the U.S. but in the World.


Will they take the Gold, stay tuned and listen.



"Its All About Sports,"

The Sports Dawg

Stephen Guerra


Call "The Sports Dawg" at:

 (866) 739-3668  


Message me at:

AOL: libombers



The Sports Dawg on Windows or MSN Messenger


Check out Its All about Sports Blog


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Its All About Sports



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Alan Dicey and Woody Anna Dresner from the U.S. Braille Chess Association, May 07, 2008, on Its All About Sports

Braille Chess, a long time non-physical sport! 


Is it?


Yes!  Contrary to most would believe, the rigorous challenges of sitting in a fixed spot without getting up and stretching, and the use of your brain.


Find out how both our guests deal with the challenges in their tough competitions.


Alan Dicey, President of the U.S. Braille Chess Association and Woody Anna Dresner a new member to the organization, share how they got involved and the things you should know about playing and winning at chess.


Visit the U.S. Braille Chess Association at:



"Its All About Sports,"

The Sports Dawg

Stephen Guerra


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Message me at:

AOL: libombers



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Its All About Sports



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Dale Davis, May 29, 2008 on ItsAllAboutSports

Dale Davis, the first legally Blind bowler to bowl a perfect game!


May 3, 2008, Dale Davis was expecting just another night at the neighborhood bowling alley, but what unfolded during all his perfect frames was history.


Enjoy this interview with the kindest, most down to earth person you will have ever heard being interviewed.


Being a celebrity is second nature when Dale Davis is in your presence.  It was an honor and privilege to speak with Dale and his historical game.



"Its All About Sports,"

The Sports Dawg

Stephen Guerra


Call "The Sports Dawg" at:


Message me at:

AOL: libombers


E-Mail, Windows or MSN Messenger Its All About Sports

Check out Its All about Sports Blog

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Its All About Sports



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BeepBaseball Show #14 with Eric Mazariegos

<p>Welcome back to another edition of the Beep Baseball PodCast.<br>
On this show, we have an all-star with us, Eric Mazariegos, a member of the 2007 Beep Baseball World Series Champions, the Kansas All-Stars.<br>

Eric's career playing Beep Baseball spans nearly 20 years, and from my vantage point, never have I seen someone compile so many awards on both sides of the ball.

Countless MVP Defensive Awards, and many Batting titles.  Eric was a pleasure to speak with and learn from.<br>

Eric's wisdom is primarily defensive, but he is an assett to any team he plays on.<br>

<p>As always, thank you for those who participated in the broadcast with your Voice Mails and Emails.  For those who would like to take part in upcoming PodCasts or the live show to air on Saturday, January 5, 2008, read below for ways to contact the Beep Baseball Guy.<br>

<p>I would like to extend from my family and I a warm and joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year to you and your family and friends.<br>

<p>The Beep Baseball Guy<br>

<a href="">The Beep Baseball Guy</a><br>
<a href="">Check out the debut "Its All About Sports," live show on Saturday, January 5, 2008</a><br>
<p>Call in to the Beep Baseball Guy and leave a Voice Mail or comment at:<br>
<p>(646) 652-6632<br>
<a href="">Visit the Beep Baseball Guy's Web Site</a><br>

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BB13, Championship game of the Qwest 2007 NBBA World Series

<p>The Championship game between the Kansas All-Stars and the west Coast Dawgs, was it all it could and would be?</p>

On Saturday august 4, 2007, the wind, rain and sloppy field conditions were not what the players from the Kansas All-Stars and West Coast Dawgs had in mind.<br>

Kevin and Wayne Sibson, alongside the Beep Baseball Guy, describe each play and potentially what was going through the minds of the players, pitchers and all who played or watched this game.<br>

Listen to the play-by-play of this game, as well as the special guests that joined the broadcast and hear how the game finishs.<br>

<p>As always, you can contact the Beep Baseball Guy via E-Mail or by phone in the following way!<p>

<a">Email the Beep Baseball Guy!</a></br>

Call and leave a voice mail for the Beep Baseball Guy at:<br>

(646) 652-6632<br>

<p>See ya next time at the ball park!</p>

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BB12, Marlaina on ACBRadio interviews the Beep Baseball Guy

<p>Marlaina Lieberg welcomes the Beep Baseball Guy on to ACBRadio!</p>

Marlaina Lieberg, who hosts a talk show on ACBRadio, <a

href="">Marlaina on ACBRadio,</a></br>

interviewed Stephen Guerra, The Beep Baseball Guy on August 27, 2007.<br>

Stephen was on to promote the airing of the Championship game between the Kansas All-Stars and the West Coast Dawgs.<br>

Stephen alongside Kevin Sibson play-by-play announcer and Wayne Sibson color commentator, recorded the game on Saturday, August 4, 2007 on probably one of the windiest and wet days a championship game has ever been played in the 32 years of the NBBA.<br>

Discussions about what Beep Baseball is, the rules of the game and what is and how long has the NBBA been in existence.<br>

<p>Thanks to Marlaina Lieberg and Chrissie Cochran of ACBRadio and Ed (Doc) Bradley for coordinating this whole event. Who knows, maybe the NBBA World series might be a live event in upcoming years!</p>

<p>As always, you can contact the Beep Baseball Guy via E-Mail at: <a

href="">Contact the Beep Baseball Guy!</a></br>

You can also contact him by phone by dialing and leaving a voice mail at:<br>

(646) 652-6632<br>

<p>See ya next time at the ball park!</p>


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Beep Baseball Show #10, Sound seeing Tour of the Kahler Grand


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Show #9 with John Larsen and Ben Boldt from the Rochester Sports Commission

Show #9 with John Larsen and Ben Boldt from the Rochester Sports Commission


Welcome back to the Beep Baseball PodCast!  ON this show we have two (2) guests, John Larsen and Ben Boldt from the Rochester Sports Commission.  We speak about their lives prior to coming to the Sports Commission and what's in store for all at the Beep Baseball World Series this year.


It was a great interview, and I am sure you all are going to enjoy it.  Sit back, and be ready for a full 30 minutes of information.  As always, you can participate in the Beep Baseball PodCast by either sending E-Mail or calling our Voice mail line.



Send your E-Mails to:


Call the Beep Baseball PodCast Hotline at:


(646) 652-6632


Your E-Mails and Voice Mails will be used for our shows.  As a reminder, you contacting the Beep Baseball PodCast in any way is subject to editing by the Producer and staff.  Thanks again, and Show number 10 will be with the NBBA Head Umpire, Ken Bailey.  Thanks again for listening and see you at the ball park.





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BeepBaseball Show #8 with Rob Weissman


Welcome back to the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog!

Show #8 is with the Head Coach of the Boston Renegades, Rob Weissman.

Rob is an old college friend, but you will see his love and devotion to the game is endless.

Rob is not only committed to making his team better in any way, but also on is geared toward defeating the Long Island Bombers in 2007.

From my observation post, the bird seat, unsure if that will happen, or that it won't be a fight in the process.

The Bombers as I know them fight to the end.

Rob lends his own insight which is by all accounts the foundation for the team’s success.

Rob with his dedication, surrounds himself with lots of talented volunteers and players, and I came away with lots of great feelings.

Rob answers about teams that are the most challenging, the best defenseman and who is going to win the 2007 World Series.

Sit back, and enjoy, and hope you like it.

Send E-Mail, suggestions, questions for guests or comments to the "Beep Baseball Guy," to:

Stay tuned for updated Blog Posts and things relating to the BeepBaseball PodCast and Blog at:



Welcome back to the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog!

Show #8 is with the Head Coach of the Boston Renegades, Rob Weissman.

Rob is an old college friend, but you will see his love and devotion to the game is endless.

Rob is not only committed to making his team better in any way, but also on is geared toward defeating the Long Island Bombers in 2007.

From my observation post, the bird seat, unsure if that will happen, or that it won't be a fight in the process.

The Bombers as I know them fight to the end.

Rob lends his own insight which is by all accounts the foundation for the team’s success.

Rob with his dedication, surrounds himself with lots of talented volunteers and players, and I came away with lots of great feelings.

Rob answers about teams that are the most challenging, the best defenseman and who is going to win the 2007 World Series.

Sit back, and enjoy, and hope you like it.

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Beep Baseball Show #7 with David Smoka


Welcome back to the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog.

Show #7 is on the lengthy side, but I am sure you will enjoy its content.

Our guest is David Smolka, President of the National Beep Baseball Association, (NBBA)

and also a long time Beep Baseball player with area Chicago teams.

We discuss a wide variety of things ranging from his time with the wonderful sport of Beep Baseball, how long has he played, who he has played with and much much more.

Dave tells us about his wonderful wife and daughter, Terri and Sam, and his career.

The last segment Dave shares with us his outlook and what he would like to accomplish during his term of President, and of course he endures the two (2) minute drill.

Beep Baseball PodCast, Show #7 introduces a wonderful talented musical artist, Andre Louis,

We use his instrumental music to play in the background of the lead in to the interview.

So thanks to Andre and his talents.

We also welcome a supporter of the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog, Dale Campbell who has a show called "Cooking in the Dark!"

You can visit Dale and his wide variety of items for every part of your home, by going to:

We Thank Dave for providing us sum of his valuable time on the show.

On the next segment of the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog, we have visit with us, Rob Weissman, head Coach of the Boston Renegades.

Rob is a long time friend and I am sure you will learn all about him and how though knew to the sport of Beep Baseball, has the love, and desire to make his team as good as possible.

Always planning for future shows as it is a fundamental requirement, Beep Baseball Show #9 is going to visit with the group behind the 2007 World Series.

More details to follow so stay tuned!

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Thanks for listening and "See you at the Ball Park!"



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BeepBaseball Show #6 With Ed (Doc) Bradley

BeepBaseball Show #6 with Ed (Doc) Bradley


In this show, I interview Ed (Doc Bradley, who is the current President of the National Beep Baseball Association!


As he also serves on the Board of Directors for the American Council of the Blind!

Doc shares with us his life as it pertains to Beep Baseball, his career as a chiropractor and his long tenure as the President of the NBBA.


At the beginning of this show is a round up of the regional/local tournaments that have been taking place and my insight with regard to the results and
what potential impact could it have on the out come of who is champ this year at the World Series.


I also asked that each of you who listen keep Leonard Williams, from the Cleveland Scrappers,


In your thoughts and prayers, as he recovers from sum ailments.


The Beep Baseball Guy is of course traveling with his favorite team, The Long Island Bombers,


During the first week of August to Strongsville Ohio for the World Series of Beep Baseball.
In the first round robin, the Bombers are facing off against the Kansas All-Stars, The Austin BlackHawks, and the Pennsylvania Wolfpack.
Excitement is brewing in the LIBombers camp, and everyone is looking forward to doing well.


Updates, via the Beep Baseball Guy PodCast and Blog will hopefully be taking place each day with announcing the winners of each game.

You can view the entire bracketing by visiting the NBBA web site at:


The next upcoming shows will be with David Smolka and Wilbert Turner, so stay tuned.


As always, we encourage your participation in the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog by sending us E-Mail to:


Until next time, enjoy this show and see you all at the ball Park.


The Beep Baseball Guy

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The BeepBaseball PodCast and Blog Show #6 with Ed (Doc) Bradley

The Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog!

Show #6, an interview with the President of the National Beep Baseball Association, (NBBA) Dr. Ed Bradley.

(Doc) Bradley is also an original member of the Bayou City Heat Beep Baseball team in Houston Texas.

Sharing anecdotes and his love for the game, anyone will find this show to be special and one for the long term archives.

Doc speaks about his first experience with Beep Baseball, his career and wisdom for any new and upcoming teams.

Promos for the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog with Neal McDonald and Jeana Weigand, Mike Carino and The digital Media Cast Experiment,

Wichita Rutherford for PodCast411,

Are heard during the course of the show.

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Check out the NBBA web site for all your up-to-date information regarding the 2006 World Series being held in Strongsville Ohio.

It is the 30th anniversary of the NBBA, so come out and participate in our celebration during the first week of August.

To participate and show your support for the BeepBaseball PodCast and Blog, you can send E-mail to:

Future shows that will be aired before the World Series being held in Strongsville Ohio will include, David Smolka, Second VP for the NBBA, Michael Garrett, Past President of the NBBA and Ken Bailey, Head Umpire for the NBBA.

Thanks for listening and “See you next time at the ball park!?

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BeepBaseball PodCast and Blog Show #6
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Beep Baseball Show #3 with Leonard Williams
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Beep Baseball PodCast, Show #2, An interview with Braulio Thorne Welcome back to the Beep Baseball PodCast!
Stephen Guerra, "The BeepBaseball Guy," brings you another interview to inform you all about the sport of Beep Baseball!
Show #2 is an interview with Braulio Thorne from the Long Island Bombers.
Braulio stands at six foot three inches tall, and is one of the Bombers big hitters.

Originating from Panama, Braulio brings the latin explosiveness to the Bombers that is one of the many sparks for the teams success.
Check out Braulio and the rest of the Bombers at: The Long Island Bombers!

The Long Island Bombers, are gearing up for another exciting season in 2006, and Braulio shares sum interesting insight to the things that the Bombers must do to perform well.
The Long Island Bombers are an affiliate of the National Beep Baseball Association, The NBBA!

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The Beep Baseball PodCast is brought to you by TechAreUs Technologies.
Hope you enjoy the show and stay tuned for show three, an exciting interview with members of the Cleveland Scrappers!

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The Beep Baseball PodCast, Show #1 The Beep Baseball PodCast, with your host, "The Beep Baseball Guy," Stephen Guerra!

In this show, listen to an indepth interview with Neal McDonald from the West Coast Daugs, and enjoy the knowledge and wisdom that he brings out during this conversation.
Neal is a long time Beep Baseball player, and has served several times on the Board of Directors of the National Beep Baseball Association, (NBBA)
Visit the NBBA web site at:!
Listen to Neals favorite picks of pitchers, field spotters and much, much more.
The Beep Baseball PodCast is produced and recorded by TechAreUs Technologies, visit them at:!
If you would like to participate in the sho via E-Mail, click here!
If you would like to leave your suggestions or comments via voice mail, please call:
 (206) 202-2541 
Thanks and enjoy the show and see ya next time my fellow Beep baseball friends.

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BeepBaseball Promo Beep Baseball, a sport for the blind and visually impaired, adapted with the use of a ball and bases that beep. Learn all their is to know about the sport itself, and hear in depth interviews with those who make up the National Beep Baseball Association and their affiliate teams.
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