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Beep Baseball Show #7 with David Smoka


Welcome back to the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog.

Show #7 is on the lengthy side, but I am sure you will enjoy its content.

Our guest is David Smolka, President of the National Beep Baseball Association, (NBBA)

and also a long time Beep Baseball player with area Chicago teams.

We discuss a wide variety of things ranging from his time with the wonderful sport of Beep Baseball, how long has he played, who he has played with and much much more.

Dave tells us about his wonderful wife and daughter, Terri and Sam, and his career.

The last segment Dave shares with us his outlook and what he would like to accomplish during his term of President, and of course he endures the two (2) minute drill.

Beep Baseball PodCast, Show #7 introduces a wonderful talented musical artist, Andre Louis,

We use his instrumental music to play in the background of the lead in to the interview.

So thanks to Andre and his talents.

We also welcome a supporter of the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog, Dale Campbell who has a show called "Cooking in the Dark!"

You can visit Dale and his wide variety of items for every part of your home, by going to:

We Thank Dave for providing us sum of his valuable time on the show.

On the next segment of the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog, we have visit with us, Rob Weissman, head Coach of the Boston Renegades.

Rob is a long time friend and I am sure you will learn all about him and how though knew to the sport of Beep Baseball, has the love, and desire to make his team as good as possible.

Always planning for future shows as it is a fundamental requirement, Beep Baseball Show #9 is going to visit with the group behind the 2007 World Series.

More details to follow so stay tuned!

As always, you can visit the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog by pointing your web browser to:

We welcome any and all suggestions on content you the listener wants to hear.

If you also would like to hear a special guest, you can ask for that and so much more by sending an E-Mail to:

Thanks for listening and "See you at the Ball Park!"



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BeepBaseball Show #6 With Ed (Doc) Bradley

BeepBaseball Show #6 with Ed (Doc) Bradley


In this show, I interview Ed (Doc Bradley, who is the current President of the National Beep Baseball Association!


As he also serves on the Board of Directors for the American Council of the Blind!

Doc shares with us his life as it pertains to Beep Baseball, his career as a chiropractor and his long tenure as the President of the NBBA.


At the beginning of this show is a round up of the regional/local tournaments that have been taking place and my insight with regard to the results and
what potential impact could it have on the out come of who is champ this year at the World Series.


I also asked that each of you who listen keep Leonard Williams, from the Cleveland Scrappers,


In your thoughts and prayers, as he recovers from sum ailments.


The Beep Baseball Guy is of course traveling with his favorite team, The Long Island Bombers,


During the first week of August to Strongsville Ohio for the World Series of Beep Baseball.
In the first round robin, the Bombers are facing off against the Kansas All-Stars, The Austin BlackHawks, and the Pennsylvania Wolfpack.
Excitement is brewing in the LIBombers camp, and everyone is looking forward to doing well.


Updates, via the Beep Baseball Guy PodCast and Blog will hopefully be taking place each day with announcing the winners of each game.

You can view the entire bracketing by visiting the NBBA web site at:


The next upcoming shows will be with David Smolka and Wilbert Turner, so stay tuned.


As always, we encourage your participation in the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog by sending us E-Mail to:


Until next time, enjoy this show and see you all at the ball Park.


The Beep Baseball Guy

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The BeepBaseball PodCast and Blog Show #6 with Ed (Doc) Bradley

The Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog!

Show #6, an interview with the President of the National Beep Baseball Association, (NBBA) Dr. Ed Bradley.

(Doc) Bradley is also an original member of the Bayou City Heat Beep Baseball team in Houston Texas.

Sharing anecdotes and his love for the game, anyone will find this show to be special and one for the long term archives.

Doc speaks about his first experience with Beep Baseball, his career and wisdom for any new and upcoming teams.

Promos for the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog with Neal McDonald and Jeana Weigand, Mike Carino and The digital Media Cast Experiment,

Wichita Rutherford for PodCast411,

Are heard during the course of the show.

The Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog are reachable on the web at:

The National Beep Baseball Association is the sole sponsor for the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog and they can be reached on the web at:

Check out the NBBA web site for all your up-to-date information regarding the 2006 World Series being held in Strongsville Ohio.

It is the 30th anniversary of the NBBA, so come out and participate in our celebration during the first week of August.

To participate and show your support for the BeepBaseball PodCast and Blog, you can send E-mail to:

Future shows that will be aired before the World Series being held in Strongsville Ohio will include, David Smolka, Second VP for the NBBA, Michael Garrett, Past President of the NBBA and Ken Bailey, Head Umpire for the NBBA.

Thanks for listening and “See you next time at the ball park!?

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BeepBaseball PodCast and Blog Show #6
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Beep Baseball Show #3 with Leonard Williams
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Beep Baseball PodCast, Show #2, An interview with Braulio Thorne Welcome back to the Beep Baseball PodCast!
Stephen Guerra, "The BeepBaseball Guy," brings you another interview to inform you all about the sport of Beep Baseball!
Show #2 is an interview with Braulio Thorne from the Long Island Bombers.
Braulio stands at six foot three inches tall, and is one of the Bombers big hitters.

Originating from Panama, Braulio brings the latin explosiveness to the Bombers that is one of the many sparks for the teams success.
Check out Braulio and the rest of the Bombers at: The Long Island Bombers!

The Long Island Bombers, are gearing up for another exciting season in 2006, and Braulio shares sum interesting insight to the things that the Bombers must do to perform well.
The Long Island Bombers are an affiliate of the National Beep Baseball Association, The NBBA!

You can E-Mail the Beep Baseball PodCast with any suggestions, comments or questions you would like to ask the guests, by sending E-Mail to The Beep Baseball PodCast.
You can also participate by calling the BeepBaseball PodCast comment line at:
 (206) 202-2541 
The Beep Baseball PodCast is brought to you by TechAreUs Technologies.
Hope you enjoy the show and stay tuned for show three, an exciting interview with members of the Cleveland Scrappers!

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The Beep Baseball PodCast, Show #1 The Beep Baseball PodCast, with your host, "The Beep Baseball Guy," Stephen Guerra!

In this show, listen to an indepth interview with Neal McDonald from the West Coast Daugs, and enjoy the knowledge and wisdom that he brings out during this conversation.
Neal is a long time Beep Baseball player, and has served several times on the Board of Directors of the National Beep Baseball Association, (NBBA)
Visit the NBBA web site at:!
Listen to Neals favorite picks of pitchers, field spotters and much, much more.
The Beep Baseball PodCast is produced and recorded by TechAreUs Technologies, visit them at:!
If you would like to participate in the sho via E-Mail, click here!
If you would like to leave your suggestions or comments via voice mail, please call:
 (206) 202-2541 
Thanks and enjoy the show and see ya next time my fellow Beep baseball friends.

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BeepBaseball Promo Beep Baseball, a sport for the blind and visually impaired, adapted with the use of a ball and bases that beep. Learn all their is to know about the sport itself, and hear in depth interviews with those who make up the National Beep Baseball Association and their affiliate teams.
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