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BeepBaseball Show #6 With Ed (Doc) Bradley

BeepBaseball Show #6 with Ed (Doc) Bradley


In this show, I interview Ed (Doc Bradley, who is the current President of the National Beep Baseball Association!


As he also serves on the Board of Directors for the American Council of the Blind!

Doc shares with us his life as it pertains to Beep Baseball, his career as a chiropractor and his long tenure as the President of the NBBA.


At the beginning of this show is a round up of the regional/local tournaments that have been taking place and my insight with regard to the results and
what potential impact could it have on the out come of who is champ this year at the World Series.


I also asked that each of you who listen keep Leonard Williams, from the Cleveland Scrappers,


In your thoughts and prayers, as he recovers from sum ailments.


The Beep Baseball Guy is of course traveling with his favorite team, The Long Island Bombers,


During the first week of August to Strongsville Ohio for the World Series of Beep Baseball.
In the first round robin, the Bombers are facing off against the Kansas All-Stars, The Austin BlackHawks, and the Pennsylvania Wolfpack.
Excitement is brewing in the LIBombers camp, and everyone is looking forward to doing well.


Updates, via the Beep Baseball Guy PodCast and Blog will hopefully be taking place each day with announcing the winners of each game.

You can view the entire bracketing by visiting the NBBA web site at:


The next upcoming shows will be with David Smolka and Wilbert Turner, so stay tuned.


As always, we encourage your participation in the Beep Baseball PodCast and Blog by sending us E-Mail to:


Until next time, enjoy this show and see you all at the ball Park.


The Beep Baseball Guy

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