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Jeff Pledger discusses the HTC Ozone with Talks available from VZW and good manors and etiquette for all, Sept. 27, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009, The Guerra Show welcomes back Jeff Pledger to discuss the HTC Ozone with Talks available from Verizon Wireless.

The Phone is only able to be purchased from the Verizon Wireless web site, and you must obtain a data plan when using this PDA Phone.

For more information and to visit the web site, please visit:

href="">HTC Ozone available from Verizon Wireless</a><br>

Jeff highlights the phone and its capabilities.  More information regarding power management, a search engine you can use on your HTC or Q9C phones, and a media player where you can listen to your favorite internet radio shows or podcasts will follw and you will be able to find them on:

We also discuss etiquette for all but we highlight when it relates to those who are visually impaired or totally blind.  A full show will be dedicated to this topic as we ran out of time to discuss it fully.


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Who is the mystery guest on The Guerra Show, September 20, 2009

Sunday, September 20, Darrell Shandrow was my guest.  We discussed exactly what he and the

are doing and are all about.

Darrell is a plaintiff in the litigation of the NFB, ACB and Darrell against Arrizona State and the use of the Amazon Kindel.  The Kindel accessibility is what is being questioned.

Tune in and enjoy.


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Health Care, Speech to Students, Accessible Blackburys and Accessible Phones

Sunday, Sept. 13, The Guerra Show took to the airwaves and spoke about several topics.

Health Care reform;

Steve Bauer shared with us all about;

I reviewed this resource and found it useful and will certainly listen and enjoy it and share with you my findings.

We also spoke how the President's speech to the school children was more of a reminder of good old fashion values that should have been taught at home by parents.

We also spoke about Accessible cell phones and how Verizon Wireless fails most times to think outside the box on delivering information on using its backup assistant.  Also, we spoke about Humanwares Orator for use with the Blackbury.

Being introduced in late October or early November, the Blackbury Tour 9630 on CDMA networks and Blackbury Curve 8520 on GSM networks.

Will wait and see how good it will turn out to be.

In rememberance of Sept. 11 2001, when the United States changed, we opened the show with Lee Greenwoods "Proud to be an American" and end the show with an acapela version of "God Bless America" sung at Yankee stadium after the day which will live on in everyone's mind as a day of trageddy.

Please remember to think of those who gave of themselves on that infamous day and understand, what we stand for is our freedom which sometimes we take for granted.


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The Best of The Guerra show on Labour Day 2009

The Guerra Show is taking the Labour Day weekend off, but is running a Best of the Guerra Show.

In this show, we run the segment with dave Wilkinson from HumanWare and Greg Fields from Research in Motion, (RIM) about the upcoming Accessible Blackbury.  We also run a segment with Glenn Poveromo from the "Power of Visualization."

See how positive thinking can benefit you each day of your life.


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Traveling; is it worth your dollars you spend?

Travel, is it worth the dollars your spending?

The Guerra Show on Sunday, August, 23, we discussed the woes of the travel industry.  As an individual who has used Guide Dogs and a cane, for just for anyone, the Airlines have basicly handed us exactly how we are going to be treated without any concern being raised by us.  Listen in and lets review what we must do as consumers to strengthen how we are treated.


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Back to School; are you ready? Special Guest James Hughes

Back to school; are you ready?

This show explores the different things you should know as you prepare for the upcoming school year.  Jim Hughes as a teacher will lend insight for students and parents as how you can prepare for the school year.


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