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The 2010 NBBA Beep Baseball World Series Championship game was held on August 7, 2010 in Rochester Minnesota.  This was a rematch between the West Coast Dawgs and Taiwan Homerun.


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NBBA World Series Final, West Coast Dawgs vs Taiwan Homerun, Stockton California, 2009 n
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NBBA Board Teleconference Call November 07, 2009
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BeepBaseball Show #14 with Eric Mazariegos

<p>Welcome back to another edition of the Beep Baseball PodCast.<br>
On this show, we have an all-star with us, Eric Mazariegos, a member of the 2007 Beep Baseball World Series Champions, the Kansas All-Stars.<br>

Eric's career playing Beep Baseball spans nearly 20 years, and from my vantage point, never have I seen someone compile so many awards on both sides of the ball.

Countless MVP Defensive Awards, and many Batting titles.  Eric was a pleasure to speak with and learn from.<br>

Eric's wisdom is primarily defensive, but he is an assett to any team he plays on.<br>

<p>As always, thank you for those who participated in the broadcast with your Voice Mails and Emails.  For those who would like to take part in upcoming PodCasts or the live show to air on Saturday, January 5, 2008, read below for ways to contact the Beep Baseball Guy.<br>

<p>I would like to extend from my family and I a warm and joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year to you and your family and friends.<br>

<p>The Beep Baseball Guy<br>

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Beep Baseball PodCast, Show #2, An interview with Braulio Thorne Welcome back to the Beep Baseball PodCast!
Stephen Guerra, "The BeepBaseball Guy," brings you another interview to inform you all about the sport of Beep Baseball!
Show #2 is an interview with Braulio Thorne from the Long Island Bombers.
Braulio stands at six foot three inches tall, and is one of the Bombers big hitters.

Originating from Panama, Braulio brings the latin explosiveness to the Bombers that is one of the many sparks for the teams success.
Check out Braulio and the rest of the Bombers at: The Long Island Bombers!

The Long Island Bombers, are gearing up for another exciting season in 2006, and Braulio shares sum interesting insight to the things that the Bombers must do to perform well.
The Long Island Bombers are an affiliate of the National Beep Baseball Association, The NBBA!

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Hope you enjoy the show and stay tuned for show three, an exciting interview with members of the Cleveland Scrappers!

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The Beep Baseball PodCast, Show #1 The Beep Baseball PodCast, with your host, "The Beep Baseball Guy," Stephen Guerra!

In this show, listen to an indepth interview with Neal McDonald from the West Coast Daugs, and enjoy the knowledge and wisdom that he brings out during this conversation.
Neal is a long time Beep Baseball player, and has served several times on the Board of Directors of the National Beep Baseball Association, (NBBA)
Visit the NBBA web site at:!
Listen to Neals favorite picks of pitchers, field spotters and much, much more.
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Thanks and enjoy the show and see ya next time my fellow Beep baseball friends.

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BeepBaseball Promo Beep Baseball, a sport for the blind and visually impaired, adapted with the use of a ball and bases that beep. Learn all their is to know about the sport itself, and hear in depth interviews with those who make up the National Beep Baseball Association and their affiliate teams.
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