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Steve Stefanowicz, Singer, Guitarist on

Steve stefanowicz a brilliant singer and blues guitarist is the guest on the Guerra show and what a treat you are in for.

Playing a few selections, a classic, a blues version of another great favorite and an original, and man, do I want to go out and learn how to play guitar.

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Jeff Pledger from Verizon on

Jeff Pledger from Verizon, is the guest on "The guerra Show" for February 15, 2009.

Jeff in addition to being part of DIAL, and President of ERG which are two organizations within Verizon for the disabled, he brings his brilliance to the Database team of Verizon.

Announceing both the Verizon voice/Data phone being released at the end of the first quarter of 2009and a Voice based phone in April of 2009, which will give users access to all the features on the phone through a screen reading technology, and the conversion of Verizon Wireless from the CDMA platform to the Elt Platform, which Jeff during the show simplified as the GSM network that other carriers use, on steroids.

Listen in and enjoy all that Jeff shares and if you would like to make contact with the Verizon Call centers for the disabled, you can call:

 (866) 974-6006 

If you would like to have Jeff review your resume for a career opportunity at Verizon, send your resume to:

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The big R, Randy Rusnak on

ON the premier of "The Guerra Show" we have "The Big R" Ranndy Rusnak.

A friend, and colleague in the AT Industry, Randy has a worth of knowledge for all to benefit from.

Find out his first computer, and much, much more.

Randy is a major contributor to:

Check out all his great tutorials that he has available their.

Randy is a host also of:

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